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Marriage Counselling Services

The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are worth it.

Marriage Counselling Hawthorn specializes in Couples Counselling as well as Family Counselling.

Our Marriage Counsellors are all Registered Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors each with specialist qualifications in Couples and/or Family Therapy.  Each therapist also has many years of training and experience to help couples overcome their difficulties and develop stronger, healthier and more loving relationships together.

Although Marriage Counselling is best done as a couple, it is not always necessary to attend counselling as a couple in order for your relationship to benefit.  So, to make a positive difference to your relationship, there is no need to wait until your partner is willing or able to attend counselling in order to bring a positive influence to your marriage.

Couples Counselling

How Couples Counselling Can Make a Difference

When to Get Help

There is something to admire in couples who are honest enough to admit to themselves that they are having problems in their marriage to the point where they can no longer fix them on their own.  They seek the help of a professional marriage counsellor to resolve their issues and get their marriage to a new place of strength, love and respect.

Marriage counselling, also referred to as relationship counselling/therapy or couples counselling/therapy, essentially helps couples to gain a better understanding of their issues, to resolve conflicts, and to learn new skills and knowledge to develop and sustain a strong and loving connected life together.

Marriage counselling is provided by registered Marriage Counsellors and/or Family Therapists with formative training in mental health.  They may be Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists or Counsellors.

Marriage counselling is often seen as a short term option of around 4- 10 sessions, with occasional revisits to add to the couples skill and knowledge base.

Although marriage counselling generally involves the two partners, sometimes one partner will want to see the marriage counsellor alone either because the other partner was unwilling to attend, or they feel that they need to discuss something first with the couples counsellor, before they talk about it in a marriage counselling session.

When couples begin to encounter problems in their relationship that are beginning to cause damage in their marriage, then it’s clearly time to get some professional help.

Rather than divorce, most couples want to salvage their troubled marriage and restore it to the healthy and loving union they once enjoyed.

Good Reasons for Marriage Counselling

(1)   Communication Has Become More Negative Than Positive

Once couples start the negative communication spiral, it is often a challenge to get it back to a positive place.  Negative communication can include comments, words or behaviour that leaves the other partner feeling flat, disregarded, disrespected, unloved, insecure, depressed, or general feelings of being hurt.

Negative communication also includes “tone” and how it is used.  How people say things maybe more important than what is actually said.

(2)    When Differences Are Now Causing Conflict

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